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Does color pink represent something to you? If it doesn’t, now might be a good time to reconsider. Why you ask? Well, New York became host to a summer event dedicated to rosé lovers and music enthusiasts… And it’s a total blast! Picture a mini-Coachella combined with a grand-scale picnic – all set on the beautiful Governor’s Island. If this isn’t new Millenium fun 101, then we don’t know what is.

The Pinknic festival is a celebration of everything rosé.

Whether it’s the wine, the craft, the culture, or the color itself, people have a lot of reasons to join the crowd. Just imagine a sea of guests dressed in mandatory white and pink as they wine and dine all day on an entire island. There’s food, entertainment, musical performances, and some of the most captivating views of the New York cityscape. Some even call it Instagram heaven.

Image of glasses of pink rose at Pinknic festival.

Located off of Manhattan’s southern tip and west of Brooklyn, the picturesque Governor’s Island is a ferry boat ride away. And it’s packed with historical sites, art installations, and places where you can hang out and chill. Also, say goodbye to traffic problems because it’s car free. That is why it’s highly recommended that you rent a bike or bring one yourself. There are no agitated drivers to get on anyone’s nerves, so getting places is a picnic. No pun intended.

The event launched in 2016, and in just 3 years it became one of New York’s must-visit festivals. This year the organizers have much more in store for their guests than previous two editions. First things first, on their website you’ll read that their food court is expanding. And with not just any food, but gourmet food from NYC’s finest franchises.

A dream come true for gourmands.

Next up, cocktails!

Yes, there will be loads of mixed pink delights to choose from. Now, cocktail presentation goes up our alley, so we hope to see some theatre in there, too. Besides, they are bringing back their pool, with mermaids, acrobats, and inflatable flamingos. That, plus the hottest music acts and a closing firework spectacle at sunset!

To sum things up – rosé, gourmet food, theatrics, bands, and DJs is what Pinknic 2018 is all about. It’s held on Saturday, June 30th and Sunday, July 1st from 12 PM to 9:30 PM and we recommend you drop by if you have the chance. They sell daily tickets on their website, with garden VIP, pool VIP, and cabana lounge options. Make sure to check out the details if you are interested!

It doesn’t matter if you are a tourist or a local, this is what high-class fun and leisure look like. We say, go ahead and experience it! Oh, and don’t forget to expand your wardrobe with something pink or white. Clearly, those guys are serious when it comes to color.