Who really needs an excuse to eat pie? But if you do, and you want to enjoy virtually every flavor of pie on the planet, you have 2 great opportunities coming right at ya: National Pie Day and National Pi Day.

What is Pie Day?

National Pie Day is celebrated on January 23rd. Bakeries and restaurants, everywhere (especially all the great eateries in and around New York City) will be breaking out their best pie creations (just like grandma used to make) for your dining pleasure.

What is Pi Day?

Due to the nature of the sound alike, the 2 events are often confused. But National Pi Day is actually a celebration of the mathematical constant “Pi,” which consists of the numbers 3.14159265359. Notice the first three digits? That’s why we celebrate it on March 14th. But, hey, any excuse to eat more pie is a great idea — just in case you didn’t get enough of those delicious treats on January 23rd.

Pi Day and Pie Day 2019, New York City Style

While one is for math lovers, and the other is for those who just love an incredible dessert, both celebrations offer pies and more pies. Trust us: they’ll be freshly made — everywhere you turn! There will be lemon pies, berry pies, banana cream pies, cheese pies, pecan pies, chocolate pies, and, of course, the all American apple pie.

Whether you like your apple pie with whipped cream, a slice of sharp cheese, topped with ice cream, or sprinkled with cinnamon crumbs, you will find plenty of delicious choices all around our great city.

PI Day

Great Places Where You Can Celebrate Pi and Pie Day in Nyc

  • Petee’s

Petra Paredez is considered to be a pie baking genius by her loyal New York City customers.

You’ll find her incredible desserts at 61 Delancey Street.

  • Four and Twenty Blackbirds

Yep, just like the nursery rhyme, you’ll find traditional and creative pies baked to perfection by Melissa and Emily Elsen.

You can give them a try at 439 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn.

  • Pizza Pie

And if dessert is not your thing (who, really, dislikes dessert?) lots of people choose to celebrate, instead, with a great slice of pizza pie.

Great Places for Pizza Pie in New York City

  • Best Pizza

With a variety of pizza flavors to choose from (also sold by the slice) their white pizza is considered, by many loyal customers, to be the best white pizza in New York City.

Located at 33 Havemeyer Street, in Brooklyn.

  • Di Fara

Come hungry, arrive with cash (no credit cards are accepted). Expect an absolutely amazing slice of pizza magic. In addition to taste, customers love watching the craftsmanship that goes into the creation of these authentic pizzas.

Located at 1424 Avenue J, in Brooklyn.

And For the Undecided

If you’re not sure whether to celebrate with a savory pizza pie or a sweet dessert pie, here’s an idea — why not take advantage of the holiday and indulge in both? After all, the “numbers” are definitely in your favor.

At the conclusion of your day, after munching on your favorite pie, or pies (we won’t judge), visit us at High Bar — at the top of the Doubletree, located at 346 West 40th Street — for a traditional or exotic cocktail.

While you’re sipping the evening away, you can take in our dramatic rooftop views of the Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building, The Hudson River, and The Freedom Tower. If you’d prefer to make reservations, just give us a call at 646.362.7146.

We’ll be happy to save a table just for you.