When it comes to iconic New York City foods, pizza is always at the top of the list. Whether you’re a resident of the city, are here only during the work week, or you are a tourist, New York Pizza can be found and enjoyed pretty much everywhere. Known for incredible crust quality, great topping ingredients, and a variety of options, New York style pizza is inevitably considered, by connoisseurs, to be the absolute best.

Why Is That So? The whys of New York pizza superiority have been debated for decades.

Here are just a few of the most popular theories:

The Water Theory

Some believe our superior pizza quality is because of the natural minerals in New York City water. Similar to why many insist the San Francisco sourdough bread recipe only tastes great when actually made in San Francisco. Yep, the water theory.

The New York City water theory is so convincing that a California pizzeria pays $10,000 per year to have New York City water sent to them for dough making. Really.

Sound like an unlikely theory? Not so fast! Even after a blind taste test, they found that diners preferred the pizza made with shipped New York City water, rather than the local H2O from San Diego.

The Vintage Oven Theory

Others believe the typical decades old, stacked ovens in the New York City pizzerias are the secret to great pizza making. This theory is similar to why food seems to taste richer, and flavors much deeper, when cooked in Grandma’s old cast iron pan. Lingering flavors, in an old oven, attaching themselves to each new pizza is a theory considered by many to be the long sought-after secret.

vintage oven pizza

The “It’s All about the Ingredients” Theory

When all is said and done, most believe that New York pizza is the absolute best because of the freshest, highest quality ingredients used for the ultimate results.

When the dough is prepared fresh — and tossed by hand — when the sauce is created with vine ripe tomatoes, and the perfect blend of herbs and spices, when only the finest — and plenty of it — cheese is used, what’s really not to love? Then, when the highest quality meat and veggie optional toppings are added, the pizza is destined to be great.

So, whether you believe it’s the water, the ovens, or the ingredients, there’s no doubt New York Pizza is the absolute best. It’s a New York City traditional indulgence that few can resist. And really, why would anyone want to try?

Great New York City Pizzerias You Should Visit:

  • Best Pizza

True to its name, Best Pizza opened in 2010 to spectacular reviews. Their claim to fame is a white pizza served with the finest ricotta cheese and caramelized onions. Absolutely to die for.

Best Pizza is located at 33 Havemeyer Street in Brooklyn.

  • Di Fara

Established in 1965, and keeping customers happy ever since, Di Fara’s has pizza lovers, from around the world, always coming back for more. With a line of excited customers just waiting for the door to open, orders taken the old fashioned way with pen and paper, and a no-frills, cash only, establishment, everyone at Di Fara’s walks away with a huge smile and plans to return. Incredible!

Located at 1424 Avenue J, in Brooklyn.

And after a great slice of New York City Pizza, make your way to High Bar for creative, and tasty, cocktails. We promise to wow you with amazing drinks and our panoramic views of the city. We’re located on the rooftop of the Doubletree at 346 West 40th.

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