It’s Summer and November 4th may seem far away, but, oh boy, this date can creep up on you at the blink of an eye. Have you trained well? Are you in the zone? Do you think you are ready for the New York City Marathon 2018? The countdown is nearing its end and the electricity is slowly but surely building up in the air. If you still have some unanswered questions or haven’t registered, don’t worry, we have got you covered with all the relevant information.

The application period ended back in February 2018, but runners who are not accepted can still get an entry via NYRR Team for Kids and through more than 380 Official Charity Partners. Remember folks, running for charity not only guarantees your participation, but it also gives you the opportunity to change people’s lives for the better and give back to the community. Team for Kids runners also receive expert coaching and race-day perks while also raising funds to support the NYRR youth programs.

Training Program

TCS New York City Marathon Training Program not only provides you with a tailor-made regimen adapted to your level of experience, fitness, and lifestyle, it is also powered by a data-driven platform RunTrix to help you thoroughly keep track of your progress. Other programs are not so dynamic and catered to your personal schedule (but that shouldn’t stop you with your training nevertheless).

With gathered proprietary insights from NYRR database and knowledge of marathon courses, you can get in shape in no time. All it takes is the will to endure. Programs are available in 12-, 16-, and 20-week regimens, including access to personal e-coaching option or an all-inclusive option if you want to go VIP-level. Get them while they are hot!

Travel and lodging

What would New York be without its hospitality? The whole application process serves to create a geographically diverse marathon race, so no wonder so many participants from both the States and the rest of the world are huddling together. To accommodate this influx of runners, New York Road Runners’ travel partners are here to find you a great place to stay. Your trip to the Big Apple will be a comfortable and stylish one – whatever gets you more relaxed and prepared for the race day.

United Airlines® are proud to support the runners’ journey with over 140 worldwide destination routes from and to the NYC area. Book your flight today and fly the friendly skies! Anthony Travel, another Official Travel Partner, offers accommodation discounts to marathoners in the heart of the city. You will gain access to special perks, upgraded amenities, and save an average of $90 per night.

Baggage options

Option 1: Post-race poncho

  • You check the bag at start.
  • At the finish, you exit Central Park about half a mile from the finish line.
  • You receive a waterproof, wind-resistant, insulated poncho after you exit.

This option is great for an experienced runner who understands the post-finish experience. No specific items are needed at the start and you can also have your friends and family meet you in Family Reunion.

Option 2: Bag check

  • You check a bag at the start, which will be transported to the finish on a UPS truck
  • You retrieve your bag at the finish and exit about three-quarters from the finish line, depending on your race number.

This option is great for inexperienced runners. It’s suited for those who want specific items at the start, are not able to have friends and family members meet them at Family Reunion, or don’t have accommodation in or near the NYC.

Run in 2019

If you think you are not prepared for this year, but want to try yourself the next, the chance to apply will be in early 2019, followed by an entry drawing. All relevant information about running for charity, running with an International Travel Partner, or running as an athlete with a disability in the year 2019 will be available later in 2018.

However, if you still haven’t entered the marathon, but wish to participate, you can do it through Official Charity Partners (such as NYRR Team for Kids), other charities, and International Tour Operators.

There are less than two months left before the New York Marathon 2018, so let’s get cracking! If you need any more information, check out the official websites, or feel free to ask us for guidance.