It’s Not Your Father’s Hell’s Kitchen. But in Marvel’s Superhero World, little has changed. So how does Marvel’s Hell’s Kitchen compare to reality? Not even close.

A Little History

In previous generations, Hell’s Kitchen managed to garner a notorious reputation. However, this once infamous, mob-driven, rough and tough New York neighborhood —where gangsters filled the air with mayhem, by fighting the law and each other—has evolved into a sought-after community of spectacular high-rises, gourmet restaurants and dazzling, eclectic bars.

Marvel’s Hell’s Kitchen

But don’t tell that to the Marvel superheroes. In their world, nothing’s changed. Despite the times, The Defenders continue to valiantly battle evil villains on the fictitious tough streets of Hell’s Kitchen. After all, everyone knows: superheroes thrive on action. Scriptwriters can’t have their characters hanging out in sleepy Midwestern towns— just waiting for something exciting to happen. Superheroes proactively look for trouble. And they certainly found it in Hell’s Kitchen. It was the perfect place to set-up operations. Besides, the community is a superhero writer’s dream—a place with a dramatic past and a really cool name.

Bring on the Bad Guys

In Marvel’s Hell’s Kitchen, villains are plentiful, and safety is a rare commodity. And true to their comic heritage, in the modern Netflix series, The Defenders: Daredevil (Who was born, wounded, blinded, and raised in Hell’s Kitchen), Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist still courageously fight evildoers, in an attempt to save the people of New York. And in Marvel’s Hell’s Kitchen, evildoers are everywhere. It’s here that, all in a day’s work, the Defenders engage in warfare with The Hand—a sinister organization of Ninjas, with diabolical powers to raise the dead. Yep, for these villains, dead isn’t good enough. The evil just keeps on coming. There’s no doubt: Battles between good and evil are essential to any superheroes existence. So what better creative set-up than to place The Marvel Defenders in a historic survival-of-the-fittest environment. But Superhero’s aside, times change. And so do neighborhoods.

Location, Location, Location

In fact, the neighborhood’s changed so much that Daredevil’s scruffy law office —Nelson and Murdock—is actually located in Brooklyn. Another Marvel “Hell’s Kitchen” location is Josie’s Bar, a spot Daredevil frequently patronizes In reality: the dive bar is also located in Brooklyn. And the Royal Dragon Chinese Restaurant isn’t in Hell’s Kitchen at all. It’s actually filmed in a redesigned car wash in Williamsburg. Yep. A car wash. In Williamsburg. Sorry.

How Marvels Hell’s Kitchen Compares to Reality

Despite Marvel’s fictional world, today’s Hell’s Kitchen is actually a thriving community of culture and a neighborhood that houses a multitude of resident actors and other creative artists. It’s also a place where locals and visitors experience peaceful evening strolls along tree-lined streets, friendly people, gourmet restaurants, elaborate bars, and—yes—safety.

Stop By

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