Hell’s Kitchen has that classy image on tourism maps because of all the fancy restaurants, luxury wining and dining, and expensive leasure. But sometimes you just want to get some really good grub on the street and keep the extra money to yourself, right? Why spend a ton of money on luxury, when you can fill your belly like a king for practically nothing? If you want to know what late night food joints rock the Hell’s Kitchen, we have made a list of locales which will definitely suit your hungry taste buds.

Empanada Mama

Located on 765 9th Ave, between 51st and 52nd Street, Empanada Mama brings the authentic flavors of Brazil directly to New York. If you are jonesing for friend pasties full of exotic awesomeness, this is the place to visit. They also offer variety on the menu, including Cuban, Spicy Chicken, Cheesesteak, and ooh la la – Viagra empanadas. They are open 24 hours and are true to their name!

Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar and Grill

Next stop – Japanese food! Tucked in on 308 W 58th Street, between 8th and 9th Avenue, this sushi restaurant is a great place to get a quality late night dinner. Whether you want sushi, sashimi, or just a Japanese IPA beer, Blue Ribbon will meet your demands with style. The locale is also quite child-friendly, especially since the hustling workers and loud music make child-made chaos barely noticeable.

Frederick P. Rose Hall

Broadway at 60th is where you will find this lovely joint playing jazz tunes. You may want to book ahead during the day. The southern cuisine here is superb, so don’t miss it. If you want the best seats, we suggest you get a table in the far corner of the bar. Also, their Thursday late night $5 menu is awesome and cover charge is reduced for late night shows!

Dizzy’s Jazz Club

If you are fed up with clubbing and just want to chill in the late hours, Dizzy’s Jazz Club should be your destination. Located in Columbus Circle, this is a fantastic venue with great music, plus they serve really good drinks and food. You don’t need reservations for late night sets and prices are really affordable.

Alfie’s Bar and Kitchen

This joint is located on 800 9th Ave at W 53rd Street, not far from the famous World Comedy Club. They have great food, work late, and host late night happy hours, too. After midnight, certain pints are cheap and the lobster roll they serve – oh boy, it really has a unique twist on the New England classic.


Another Columbus Circle locale which offers good and fast service with consistent quality. It can be a bit pricey, but it is definitely worth the money. They are open late mostly for the business folk who get cut early. Whether you want breakfast, healthy oatmeal, solid pancakes, a late night snack, or mini desserts – this is the place to be!


Besides hunting for late night food, you might want to consider this Hell’s Kitchen’s joint, too, because they serve excellent mouth-watering beers on draft. They offer a substantial selection of beers, work late on weekends, and the atmosphere is perfect for those who wish to enter Viking heaven. Definitely a recommendation!

Do you know any other restaurants or street places to order tasty grub in late hours? Write your answers in the comments below and share with us your dining experiences in Hell’s Kitchen.