Sugar, rum, vanilla bean and arabica coffee beans! Those were the ingredients chosen to create a perfect Kahlua, but man accidentally kept adding other ingredients to the concoction. Thus, a whole array of kahlua cocktail recipes were born, which you can also use to create some of the most delicious frozen drinks, shots, and doubles suited for any occasion.

Aside from the whole Powerpuff Girls intro reference, kahlua is an excellent basis on which you can create something truly special in a glass. For starters, delicious blended kahlua drinks have the feel similar to a milkshake, but it also has a nice kick to it. To help you expand your cocktail-crafting knowledge, here is a list of all the combinations you can make to create blended kahlua drinks:

Kahlua Drinks

Kahlua Cookie

Considering that kahlua has that milkshake texture, you simply cannot go wrong by adding vanilla ice cream and chocolate chip cookies into the blend. What a delight!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Kahlua Milkshakes

It is similar to the aforementioned blend, but this time add coffee ice cream instead of vanilla. Use your imagination and taste palette, see what delicious variations suit your fancy.

Butterscotch Mudslide Shake

This is another milkshake-style drink, but with butterscotch schnapps to pack up more punch.

Crown Royal Maple Mudslide

Add maple flavor of Crown Royal Maple whiskey and this ice cream based cocktail will take a completely different turn.


This drink features Tequila Cream Liqueur. Serve it in a wine glass and add some cinnamon on top for garnish.

Baileys & Kahlua Iced Coffee Shake

Even people who do not like Kahlua that much say that this blend appeals to them. Add the famous Irish drink, ice, and a touch of Kahlua Hazelnut to spruce things up.

The Pensacola Bushwacker

It is a variation of your usual Bushwacker because it features Kahlua with coconut cream, vanilla ice cream, black rum, and other ingredients to your liking. This is an alcohol milkshake for grownups.

Kahlua Shots

If you want to make drinks which are more suited for partying rather than hanging out in a bar, maybe you should try making some of these Kahlua-based shots. They are quick little delights and are easy to make. We’ll start with…


This is a classic shooter! It is a beautifully layered shot which features the orange flavor of Grand Marnier combined with Baileys and Kahlua.

T52 Shooter

A variation of the regular shooter B-52, but this one features Tequila Rose strawberry cream liqueur.

Quick Fox

Midori is not the first drink people think of for a Kahlua drink, but who knows, maybe you will be completely surprised.

Indian Summer

Just add a good strong shot of Amaretto and watch the summer unfold in a glass.

Ground Zero

Remember folks, this a strong shot because it features an unusual combination of peppermint schnapps, bourbon whiskey, and of course, the Kahlua.

Kahlua Cocktails

Sometimes a shot just won’t suffice, so maybe it’s time to bring out the big guns. Kahlua-based cocktails are all about that delicious mocha flavor and meant to be savored.

I Like You A Latte

This is our bar’s special Kahlua-based cocktail where we mix Absolut vanilla, Baileys, chocolate syrup, and Kahlua, of course!

Espresso Martini

If you need to wake up, this cocktail is for you. All you need besides Kahlua is a shot of espresso and espresso beans for garnish.

White Russian

This classic never gets old – vodka, Kahlua, and cream. What more can we say?

Dark Russian

Make a White Russian but without the cream.

Long Black Russian

Now take the Dark Russian and add Coca-Cola for that nice long sip.

Dark Russian Kahlua Cocktail

The only twist is that you add chocolate milk to the classic White Russian.

Coco Butter

This one is similar to Butterscotch Mudslide Shake, only you serve it without the ice cream. Kahlua and butterscotch schnapps – that’s it!

Buttered Toffee

A blend of Amaretto, Baileys, and Kahlua will create a delicious toffee flavor.

Kahlua Hot Chocolate

This one is super simple! Just blend hot cocoa with Kahlua and voila!


Last but not least, if you find White Russians boring, swap out vodka for a Crown Royal.

Who knows, maybe you will also make a unique combination of Kahlua drinks, shots, and cocktails of your own. Remember, some of the most popular drinks were made by accident. Experiment, use your palette, and have fun while you do it. Enjoy your cocktails, folks!