Our lovely bar rests atop the DoubleTree Hotel in the heart of Midtown West, which has a simple and direct business philosophy: delivering superior operating profits to hotel owners by consistently creating value. The DoubleTree Corporation owns, manages, and franchises hotels across the US and abroad, offering a complete range of services for both individual and institutional owners. If you ever need proof of this establishments presence, just look for their signature chocolate chip cookie icon – it is genius!

What does the Cookie Icon represent?

It is a symbol of first-class service, high-quality standards, and employee empowerment in all operating hotels. As of 1987, DoubleTree started welcoming their guests with a simple home-inviting gesture – by handing out milk and cookies. This unique feature is more than just a cookie, it is, as one ad explained in 1995, “a mission statement.”

Since then, it is customary that every guest receives a package of two freshly baked chocolate chip cookies as a welcome gift upon arrival. The recipe for DoubleTree’s hallmark originated at a small bakery in Atlanta, Georgia, and the trend has caught on so well, cookies are now regularly purchased at hotel front desks, restaurants, and on the Internet, too.

Who owns DoubleTree hotels?

In 1996, Richard Kelleher was named the president and chief executive officer of DoubleTree. Kelleher worked in the hotel business for decades and under his leadership, the company’s stock grew dramatically, to the point that he and his team acquired additional hotel management opportunities and negotiated amazing business ventures using extra revenues. As Kelleher told the Arizona Republic, “We’ve built one thing here: a team of people that are committed to making Doubletree the brand of the next century”.

One of leaders in Hotel Management

Ranking third after large hotel managers Marriott International and Hilton Hotel Corporation (which has acquired the Promus Hotel Corporation under its umbrella), DoubleTree earned its title and position among the greats by managing hotels for real estate investment funds, pension funds, and other passive investors. In 1997, DoubleTree has merged with Promus Hotel Corporation, which brought other successful brands such as Embassy Suites, Red Lion, and Hampton Inn together.

The company manages 70 to 80 percent of its branded hotels, which have expanded into both eastern and western US cities, as well as other world countries. There is an approximation that one hundred of DoubleTree hotels are situated in the 50 leading markets, which include renown tourist regions and gateway cities, such as Miami, Florida, Atlanta, Georgia, Washington, D.C., and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

What are the future plans?

The Dream Team, led by Kelleher, plans to enhance the brand behind DoubleTree and improve their management services in the future. The crew is confident that they will continue to maximize their potential and create additional value not just to hotel owners and fellow shareholders, but also the guests who hold the brand with high regard.

If you want to taste the famous chocolate chip cookie behind the DoubleTree brand, come on down to Hell’s Kitchen at our address. When you finish licking your fingers, High Bar New York staff will be waiting for you at the top of the building, preparing your delicious drink and saving you a nice spot with the view of the remarkable New York skyline.