It’s Showtime!

On November 1st – 3rd, New York City will, once again, celebrate the best of independent filmmaking with the spectacular annual event, The Big Apple Film Festival.

It’s a Sundance in New York City

There’s no need to fly to Utah (although seeing Robert Redford would be nice) because, for the last 14 years, the Big Apple Film Festival (otherwise known as BAFF) has been considered a New York City event not to miss.

Still Not Convinced?

Hey, this is a well-received festival! BAFF has been featured on CBS News, Buzzfeed, and in The New York Times. In addition, it’s a festival that MovieMaker Magazine calls, “one of the 25 film festivals worth the entry fee.” And besides a worthwhile value: the magazine also claims it’s among the “25 coolest festivals”! Do you really need to know more?

How it Works

Celebrating the best of independent films, the expert panel will select from a deep well of creative talent: exceptional up and coming writers, directors, producers, cinematographers and actors.

And to make it even more exciting, many of the film projects will be premiering at the BAFF event. Yep, you’ll get to see them first.

Honors and Celebrated Success

You can be front and center to watch films skyrocket to fame, starting on the ground floor. History proves it to be so; past BAFF films have been nominated for Academy Awards and Golden Globes, and some of the films that have been showcased at the Big Apple Film Festival have gone on to be aired on Showtime, HBO, and Netflix.

Hey, it’s always fun to declare you saw it first and knew, all along, that your favorite movie pick had the potential for greatness

Some of the awards given out at the festival are Best Feature Film, Best Short Film, Best Animation, Best Music Video, and Best Student Film. The excitement of watching new talent receiving some of their first major honors is a joy for audiences to behold. Dreams really do come true for fresh, innovative talent.


Winning screenwriters, for feature-length and short script who submitted their materials by a previous deadline, will have the honor of seeing their creative work made into a film. And you’ll get to watch their excitement, and celebrate with them, at the debut screening, when their film is aired for the first time at the festival.Screenwriter

Calling All Creative Writers

If you’re a screenwriter, there’s an opportunity for you too. Be sure to check out details at the festival, or on the BAFF website, on how you can submit your screenplay for future events.


The event is open to the public. Ticket holders will be allowed to view their choices from a wide variety of fresh and innovative films. Attending the Big Apple Film Festival is more than a way to gain an appreciation for the arts, it’s a way to see up and coming talents, on their path to the big screen, and celebrate right along with them.

Location and Admission

The festival will be held at the SVA Theatre, located at 333 West 23rd, in New York City and will run November 1st – 3rd

Tickets are just $20 and must be purchased, in advance, on the website.

Celebrate the Arts in Style

To perfect your evening, be sure to stop by High Bar, before or after the festival, to grab some drinks and chef-inspired small plates. Check out our awe-inspiring rooftop lounge on the 37th floor of the Doubletree at 346 W 40th, where you’ll be captivated by spectacular views of New York City.

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