Whether you’re a fan of vodka straight up, or you prefer it mixed in your favorite cocktail, Absolut has a unique flavor for everyone!

Produced in Sweden, and always made with the finest ingredients (natural winter harvested wheat, pure, deep well-water, and no added sugars), Absolut has more than 25 amazing flavors. From classic to sweet, from subtle to spicy, there’s at least 1 and likely several that will suit your particular taste.

Let’s take a closer look at our Absolut vodka flavors list of drinks that you may have never tried, but we’re sure you will soon.

Absolut Lime

This is the perfect vodka, with just an essence of fresh lime. There’s no need for added sweeteners because a fresh, splash of clean, crisp lime is the perfect addition to this beverage.

Here are a few mixed drinks that go great with this flavor:

Absolut Lime and Soda

Made with Absolut Lime, added soda for crisp lightness, and garnished with a fresh slice of lime. This one’s a perfect warm evening refresher.

Absolut Lime Drop

Made with Absolut Lime, just enough simple syrup to sweeten it up and fresh lime juice, and garnished with a fresh lime wedge. Delicious!

Absolut Lime Mule

Definitely worth ordering. Made with. Absolut Lime, fresh lime juice, and ginger beer. A must try refreshing beverage!

Absolut Vanilla

The freshest, natural vanilla beans make this high-quality, versatile vodka product.

If you love vanilla in almost everything, make sure to give one of these a try:

Vanilla Espresso Martini

Caffeine anyone? This is an indescribable martini made with Absolut Vanilla, Kahlua. espresso, simple syrup, coffee beans, and a vanilla pod. Yummy!

Apple Pie Shot

Who needs dessert? Get ready for a great mix of Absolut Vanilla, apple juice, and simple syrup. This one goes down as easy as pie.  

Absolut Kurant

OMG! Another great Vodka freshened up with currant berries. Remarkably fresh tasting, so there’s no need for added sugar.

Why not give it a try and mix one of these cocktails?

vodka kurant

Harvest Collins

A refreshing mix of Absolut Kurant, a splash of soda, lemon juice, simple syrup and a sprig of fresh currant berries. Simply delicious!

Berry Apple Breeze

This one is like a liquid, adult fruit salad! Made with Absolut Kurant, apple juice, pomegranate, and blackberry. Have you had your serving of fruit today?

Absolut Red Ruby

You can’t go wrong with a vodka flavored with red ruby grapefruit.

Here are a few cocktails that mix perfectly, and taste delicious!

Ruby Menta

Simple and good. Absolut Ruby Red, lemon juice and fresh mint. Bring it on!

Date at Eight

A concoction of Absolut Ruby red, orange and lemon juice, with simple syrup, passion fruit liqueur, pineapple and a dash of egg white (come on, it’s just a dash – and you’re gonna love it!).

Absolut Sunbeam

A blend of Absolut Ruby Red, honey, grapefruit, and blood orange. This one’s as yummy as it is colorful. A ray of sunshine prepared just for you. You’re welcome!

Absolut Peppar

For the slightly adventurous types. This drink’s perfect for an exquisite, atypical Bloody Mary recipe. The spicy Absolut vodka will start your evening with a kick. Try mixing it with following ingredients for an out of this world flavor!

Chilean Temptation

If you want something different, why not try a mix of Absolut Peppar, lemon juice, basil, a dash of sugar and Chilean hot pepper? Whoa

Absolut Peppar Basil

A blend of the unexpected: Absolut Peppar, basil, mint leaves, and strawberries. Cheers!

Fiery Mule

Absolut Peppar, ginger beer, lime juice mixed together, garnished with a lemon wedge and celery stick. The definition of perfection!

At High Bar, you can try all Absolut Vodka flavors in one place and indulge in a night of unforgettable flavors. Have them served neat, or mixed in one of these exotic cocktails. We’re located on the rooftop of the Doubletree in central Manhattan, come visit us!

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